New HB LED Sets the Bar at 1 Lumen Per Penny

New HB LED Sets the Bar at 1 Lumen Per Penny

Driven Design Engineers are accustomed to assessing LED execution in building units, for example, candellas, Lumens, and Lumens per watt, yet Sales and Marketing are frequently similarly as inspired by all out item costs, offering ascend to a pseudo designing solder bar 50 50

 estimation unit of “Lumens per Penny”. Both Engineering and Sales have motivation to celebrate over Seoul Semiconductor’s new STW8Q2PA gadget 1/3 Watt SMT LED which sets the bar at 1 PENNY for each LUMEN! Evaluated at 100 mA commonplace forward current and Vf of 3.2 V average, the 2600-3700K (warm white) gadgets produce around 25 Lumens and the 3700-7000K are around 27 Lumens normal. With huge volume valuing around $0.26, that is directly at enchantment sweet recognize that Sales, promoting, AND building can get energized.

With a wonderful Color Rendering Index of 80 and a survey point of 120 degrees, they are obviously focused on the business lighting market. They have a warm obstruction of ordinarily 15 degrees C for each watt (Rth JS (Junction to Solder) for a 4 pin one of a kind SMT bundle. These gadgets will make conceivable more practical LED lighting items for brilliant bulb substitution.

While maybe most popular for their high voltage AC worked LED line (the “Ariche” LEDS) Seoul Semiconductor is obviously focusing on the large volume brilliant bulb substitution showcase. While everyone concurs that LED lighting with its high vitality productivity, long life, and naturally progressively neighborly waste removal are likely a genuine contender for the Edison bulb and even CFL substitutions, the greatest downside has been COST. This is driven by the way that a critical number of gadgets is required to get the lumen-yield of a 40 W or 100 W glowing bulb. Include the LED driver prerequisites and warmth sinking necessities, even the chance of darkening, and the LED s are NOT serious with the cost of a the old innovation bulbs.

In any case, the new Seoul STW8 gadget vows to be a huge new passage into the LED value/execution benchmarks that will set the bar for different makers to match and make conceivable another round of more financially savvy LED lighting items.

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