How To Rid Yourself Of Loose-Aggressive Poker Players

How does one rid oneself of loose-aggressive players? You know the kind i’m speaking of! The kind of players that play every hand, bet heavy with an A-2, chase a straight or flush to the bitter end or try to just plain intimidate you out of your pot. There are a lot of strategies on the net to help you defeat this sort of player, but they are not guaranteed. The loose-aggressive gets lucky and cleans you out no matter the strategy pkv¬†game you chose to use. Strategies aren’t fool proof, because the fools still get lucky and take all your chips. So what do you do? Well i have a theory!

If you are a regular online poker player then you know that multi-table freeroll tournaments are the worst for this type of play. Players go all-in all of the time, bet heavy pre-flop with lousy hole cards, call pre-flop with lousy hole cards and are usually willing to lose it all with a pocket pair or by chasing a staight. When i started playing online poker, i was convinced that i would be the next WSOP champion! All i had to do was enter some freerolls and win my way into WSOP qualifier tournaments. Oh yeah baby! I had a plan. After all i’m an awesome player! NOT! You can’t play good poker against players with nothing to lose. The rules of the game change. I like to refer to freerolls as slot machine poker. Everybody just goes all-in, lays their cards on the table and the best hand wins!(Jackpot)

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