Five Reasons Film Lovers Should Switch From Cable to Satellite TV

Five Reasons Film Lovers Should Switch From Cable to Satellite TV

It’s never been easier for those who are actually cinephiles to find the entertainment that they crave. From the world wide web, where various blogs extol the virtues of obscure directors and the world’s best critics make cases for contemporary picks, to the boom in options for those who want to see classic works and today’s blockbusters, it’s never been easier to enjoy art and entertainment. And while a daily diet of Netflix picks and streaming content from arty websites can definitely    Filmes Netflix   help out, the truth is that picking the proper delivery method for television service can really make a difference, too. Here are five reasons film lovers should switch from cable to satellite TV.

#1 – More options in high definition. For those who have invested in the world of HDTV, it makes sense to go with the programming that actually brings the most options that make use of it. And since dish-based television was on board quicker than boring old cable, it means they have already converted more channels and continue to be ahead of the game.

#2 – The chance to add channels without paying a ton more. Whether it’s film-related or not, being able to nix something here and then throw something else on there without it costing a ton more money really does make all the difference in the world. And sometimes, those channels with occasionally great films are worth putting on as part of a package. So now, there’s no more stressing out about the cost.

#3 – HBO Documentary. Sure, it comes with a lot of packages for satellite tv and cable alike, but the chance to nix all of the other extra HBO picks and go for the one with the most compelling programming is definitely helpful, especially in households where people don’t want to get sucked into accidentally spending their time watching films in front of comedies and cheesy contemporary fare, as is often the case with the original HBO.

#4 – IFC at a reasonable price. When it comes to Sundance and IFC, IFC is the clear winner lately. Whether it’s films that the channel itself has produced, like “Y Tu Mama Tambien,” or the ability to net more obscure picks from all over the world without falling into the trap of picking strikingly similar documentaries, IFC is a best bet for anyone who is serious about truly independent film. So the chance to see it without paying a ton of money for it to be included is great.

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