Just Some Thoughts on High School Football Training

I get posed a great deal of inquiries about preparing, nourishment and sports execution overall. We are presently in the football season and I will talk with a great deal of children from everywhere the Island from various schools and projects since they are in the office preparing in my program to prepare for the impending season. For what reason do I generally appear to tumble off my seat each time one of my children mentions to me what actual tests they should perform for their mentors to make the group or even wear the uniform besides. I know at this point I should seem like a presumptuous moron since maybe I am continually addressing what might appear to be sound judgment to others yet not really for me. Here is my point. One of my secondary school football players educated me that his football trainer has executed the accompanying models for his players by August.

  1. Seat Press 135, 185, or 225lbs for max reps.
  2. Squat 1.5 occasions their bodyweight for max reps.
  3. Run 1 mile in less than 7 minutes. เว็บหวยออนไลน์ที่ดี

Comprehend my position. These children come to me for my assistance and expert exhortation. I'm being paid to assist them with succeeding and improve their athletic capacity. So the objective is to give them the best programming and preparing strategies to get them to accomplish top execution. How might you ask a child to max seat anything so far as that is concerned when he can't do one draw up or perform 10 severe push-ups without falling all over. Then, at that point you're requesting that a child squat 1.5 occasions his bodyweight when he can scarcely twist around and tie his shoes since he has positively no adaptability in his hamstrings and low back. Then, at that point to finish it off they are approached to perform well in an AEROBIC TEST for an ANAEROBIC game. So fundamentally if the child trains for the 1 mile run he turns out to be all the more vigorously fit at the expense of reducing his speed which is the thing that he genuinely needs to develop to dominate in the game in any case. I get it's simply me.

Ponder this: One of my school hostile lineman is being approached to perform 18 110 yard runs with a foreordained rest period, each run is to be done in less than 15 seconds. Where are the blemishes in this preparation technique? I will let you issue settle this one all alone. Email me the right answer and I will reply back.

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