Understand the Relationship Between Man and Football

So recently, I watching my cherished Chicago Bears and my significant other of 8 years asked me once more, "For what reason do you become so upset over football?" And following eight years of marriage, I think I at last sorted it out -

  1. There are just four months of standard season football. Each GAME COUNTS! In contrast to baseball, b-ball, hockey, and so forth where there are games each and every other day. It resembles playing in the end of the season games from the beginning of the period!
  2. This is somewhat attached to number one, however it bodes well. I need to stand by practically the entire week to watch my Bears play. That is all they talk about on game's radio is "the following week's down". It's difficult to stand by the entire week and afterward not be enthusiastic about your group! ราคาบอลต่อรอง
  3. A man can't handle the result of the game and that makes us crazy! It truly does. I will shout at the TV like I'm conversing with the group. "Watch the rush!" or "Tackle him at the lower legs!" We have no control and it is an exceptionally vulnerable inclination!
  4. We're simply fan. There could be no reverse way around. We love the hitting, the opposition, the energy, and so on I believe it's simply our temperament. While my better half, favor her heart, is truly getting into football, she actually struggles identifying with what it is that I feel.

I'm not saying that it's OK for men to get all insane when the game's on, yet it's simply our tendency. I wish I didn't mind so a lot, yet I do and I'm enthusiastic about it. It's a disgrace however in light of the fact that I don't get anything out of the Bears winning or losing!

I can't transform it however and I don't really accept that I would on the off chance that I could!

To my better half : Accept Hun!

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