The Retired Jersey Numbers Of The Miami Dolphins

There are a few different ways that incredible football players are regarded once they quit playing. The best of all are casted a ballot into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Individual groups may likewise have a Hall of Fame, Ring of Honor, or other comparable assignment where their most noteworthy players are recalled. Another practice that many groups use is resigning the quantities of their best players so that number will consistently be related with them and never utilized again.

The Miami Dolphins have had various extraordinary players throughout the long term and in that time have resigned three shirt numbers, never to be worn again.

12 - Bob Griese

Bounce Griese had a heavenly profession that included going to the Dolphins as a profoundly evaluated youngster out of Purdue University and in the long run assisting the group with going undefeated and win the 1972 Super Bowl. He would be probably the best quarterback in the association all through the 1970's. His profession finished because of injury in the mid 1980's and the Dolphins resigned his shirt number 12 of every 1982 at their yearly honors dinner.

13 - Dan Marino

Perhaps the best player at any point to wear a Miami Dolphins uniform, or an ace football uniform besides, was quarterback Dan Marino. He drove the group all through the 1980's and 1990's, assisting them with being one of the more risky groups to play in the association. When he resigned, he was the proprietor of the vast majority of the fundamental association passing records. His number 13 was resigned in 2000, during the halftime service of the home game against the Baltimore Ravens. สูตรบาคาร่า ใช้ได้จริง

39 - Larry Csonka

Larry Csonka was a rebuffing running back and one of the incomparable Dolphins players ever. He collaborated with Jim Kiick, Bob Griese, and Paul Warfield to frame quite possibly the most dreaded offense of the mid 1970's. Csonka, nicknamed Zonk by colleagues and fans, could go through and over restricting linemen, linebackers, and cautious backs like not many different players. His shirt number 39 was resigned in 2002 during halftime of the Dolphins home game against the Chicago Bears.

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